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  Everthing I've Ever Done That Worked

Some people have first aid boxes. Some people keep recipe books. Some people have tool kits. I keep a resource book – everything I’ve ever done that worked. In moments of confusion, indecision, panic, depression, stress and plain
insomnia I can pick it up and know I’ll find something in its pages that will dig
me out and move me on.

There are things in here that work in darkness and things that work in
daylight. There are techniques that will help you in planning your journey
through life and techniques that will light the next inch of the path when you’ve lost your way, or even dig you out of the swamp into which you have fallen.

This isn’t the single-answer approach. This isn’t a guide to the one true Way.
There are hundreds of ways and I have tried many of them. This is my personal greatest hits, my tested and recommended short cuts.

I am not a guru, a psychologist or a workshop leader. I am a journalist, a writer and someone who has followed many alleys out of personal need and curiosity. I have collected what is in these pages from workshops and journeys, professional experience and private crises, altered states and guided meditations, tribal wisdom and family lore, religious tradition and successful improvisation, and from the tried and tested experience of friends and teachers. But none of it is second hand because everything here has worked for me, personally, at some moment in my life.

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