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Everything I've Ever Learned About Change


  Everything I've Ever Learned About Change

Change is inevitable. Nothing stays still. Life is in constant motion from the molecular to the planetary level and we are changing right along with it. The universe moves in a perpetual
surging dance, and happiness is the elation that comes from feeling in harmony with that cosmic rhythm.

So why is change the source of so much fear and unhappiness? Why do people resist it so deeply and struggle against it so desperately? Why, if change is the norm, do we all recognize the profound longing for eternal sameness? ‘Change and decay in all around I see,’ sing the mourners at a funeral. ‘O thou that changeth not, abide with me.’

We long for sameness. But if we could arrest change and enter a world of eternal stasis we would go mad. We would stagnate and die, because change is life. Constant adaptation creates the momentum and energy that keep us going.

Our relationship with and understanding of the forces of change within us and around us, both personal and political, are crucial to our wellbeing. Without some surrender to change and understanding of its role in our life, we suffer.

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